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Wednesday Links: Dawn of the Final Day Edition

Dawn_of_the_final_day_by_luigiiii_mediumToday, a champion will be crowned. Tomorrow, there will be no more hockey. All there will be is baseball. Lots and lots of baseball. Yes, we all feared that this day would come.

Blues News

  • Not technically Blues news, but how 'bout St. Louis, eh? Our team is not in the playoffs and we are the 5th highest market watching the Cup Final. I guess we really want to see Vancouver fail, huh? [Puck Daddy]
  • 'Sup, old wound. Would you like some salt? [Post-Dispatch]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The Canucks continue to preach that they lost on purpose so they could win on home ice. You know, so they can become legends and stuff. [NHL]
  • Mason Raymond will be out for Game 7 due to a fractured vertebrae suffered during Game 6. [NHL]
  • Apparently, it's 1960 and we're playing baseball now. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]
  • The home team has won every game of this series. If Boston pulls off the win tonight, Vancouver will probably burn itself to the ground. [DFP]
  • "No-name" players have come out of the woodwork before to be superstars in Game 7. Remember Maxime Talbot against Detroit? Who do you think will step up tonight? [NBC Sports]
  • This article combines two things a good number of people enjoy here: hockey and wrestling. These Cup Finals? A tag-team wrestling match. COME ON, REF! HE'S CHOKIN' 'IM! [Suite 101]
  • An article about Tim Thomas. Read it. [The Star]
  • The Top 25 Broadcasters of All Time. Dan Kelly represent. Thank you, thank you, thank you? Right? [Bleacher Report]

Other Stuff

  • This is the worst list of anything ever. [9gag]
  • A chain reaction of Corgis. Save this GIF for the future. [Bethesda]
  • Play with the crazy rabbit. [Andrius]
  • TV's worst doctors. [UGO]

Wednesday Video

If Vancouver wins tonight, this will be every house in America.

If you don't get the reference in this post's photo or title, you have missed out on the greatest video game.

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