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Friday Links: Gone Fishing Edition

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Closing in on the draft and the creepy pictures!
Closing in on the draft and the creepy pictures!

Well, the next NHL thing on the slate is the NHL Awards which isn't for a few weeks. But don't panic, there are a lot of other sports to watch that can fill the gap. There is golf [US Open], tennis [Wimbledon], NASCAR [cars go 'round and 'round] and baseball [inter-league play!]. 

Blues News:

"Davidson thinks Blues are ready to turn corner." Agreed. Let's Go Blues. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

Godzilla is back in the District. Olaf Kolzig will be the Caps associate goaltender. He will be sharing not only his knowledge of the net, but his impressive dinner manners. As seen here. [USATODAY]

I could take 2000 words to dissect Burnside's article. Instead I'll sum it up with Sidney Crosby is the greatest player and quite attractive, too.  [ESPN]

Winnipeggers are already planning to riot when the unnamed team [can we name them Winnipeg Untitled/Unnamed?] wins hockey games. [Winnipeg Sun]

Yes. Jaromir Jagr needs to come to the U.S. No. Not in Detroit. [Detroit Free Press]

Top 10 goals of the 2011 Stanley Cup playoffs. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

I challenge you, and we play for keeps. [Wikipedia]

Twitter fun with celebrities. []

Oh, Bubb Rubb. You and your Woooo wooooooo have a special place in my heart. Woooo. Wooooooo. The perfect cheer for, say, a walk off HR in the 10th. 

Until tomorrow!
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