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Game Time Meet 'n Drink #3



By now you understand the concept:

1. Come drink with Game Time staff and commenters

2. ???

3. Profit

As of right now, the 3rd version of beer, hockey, and CT stackin' shit will be held this Saturday at the Brewhouse, located downtown on Chestnut street. Game 2 puck drop is 7 PM so I imagine it'd be a good idea to show up around then. If you're going earlier, feel free to let us know in the comments. Also, if I'm being misled by the reviews I've found on Google and this place somehow sucks, tell us in the comments and I'll switch to some other downtown location.


There will be a warm up for Saturday's Meet 'n Drink on Friday evening out at OB Clark's. This one won't have any hockey game featured but I am told that weekend Link Rat Hartigan will be in attendance. So you've got that goin' for you. Get there earlier or later if you wish, but I'll be there around 7 or so.


For both of these, GT won't have a special spot blocked off or a velvet rope to cross so you might have to look around or ask where the loud SOBs talking about hockey in June are. Hell, maybe I'll where my shirt with the Game Time logo to make it easier. And whenever Flick gets back around the area, we'll go get beverages with him to even out the Link Rat love.


So join us won't you? I hear they serve beer at these things.