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Tuesday Links: The edition with actual Blues News edition

The little clipper tool that makes doing the links easier is either down or my computer sucks.

So let's get ready to click some stuff the old-timey way.

Blues News:

  • And by "actual Blues news," I mean the usual type of pre-draft piece that you either: A) Completely anticipated _OR_ B) Don't need to read since Weidler has a bunch of draft and prospect stuff already. Either way, it's something that I can actually put in the Blues news section and feel decent about. [Post-Dispatch]
  • And Jon Hamm will be presenting an award at the NHL...well...Awards Show. I'm sure Hartigan will find some way to improve on Hamm's performance no matter what he does. Thanks to the Flick family for passing the news along. [[NHL]

NHL News:

  • Well, I can't argue with their last point regarding Bryz's potential salary or skill level. [Flyers Goal Scored By]
  • OH, DAMMIT ALL! Shit shit shitty shit shit. (Read: Lidstrom's back for one more year). [Puck Daddy]
  • Brian Burke: "Words words words words use assets words words improve words words not idle bystander words words words 'Murica" [TSN]
  • San Jose has chosen to go in a different direction. The direction they're going in does not involve anyone with the ability to A) Skate really fast provided direction changes aren't needed B) Discuss the finer points of the Bluenote Code C) Beat the hell out of the goalie's crest with pucks that don't go in the net. Tough luck, Jammer. [TSN]
  • The Vancouver couple in the kiss photo got to tell their story on the Today show. My one question for the guy: Did you close the deal later? [Puck Daddy]
  • How to survive the off-season. [NHL Hot Stove]

Other Stuff:

  • Because ping-pong players tend to look ridiculous. [Uncoached]
  • Somewhere, off in the distance, I hear Mel Brooks's "Merchandising!" blurb from Spaceballs. [Cracked]


Why show the Chris Stewart OT beauty against Columbus? Hell, why not?

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