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Wednesday Open Thread: Singin' the internet blues edition

Sometimes the internets are a bitch. After returning from the ballgame last night to discover that Charter's internet service had (surprise!) crapped out again, I attempted to find a suitable taker for today's links to no avail. It's almost like we all have real lives or some shit.

At any rate, things are back to functional this morning and I've got enough time before heading to work to at least give you a place to discuss, debate, and otherwise interact.

Links should be back tomorrow, barring further catastrophe.


  • Just how awkward will an unnamed Winnipeg franchise look when they make their picks? How do they announce it "The franchise in Winnipeg is proud to select...?" Maybe just a "Winnipeg picks..." Either way, it's gonna be weird.
  • Am I crazy when I think Sheldon Souray would be a decent solution as a blue line addition if the Oilers buy him out? By no means am I thinking he'd be THE guy, but he's been in the league for a bit (age 34), he wouldn't be around for too long even if it proved to be a bad idea, the power play cannon won't hurt, and he won't cost very much to add. I see it as a low risk move for a team that isn't about to contend for the cup with current ownership issues.
  • ZOMG WHEN R TEH BLUES GUNA SINE OSHIE!?!?!?! (hint: It'll get done. Relax.)
  • Over/Under on Blues announcing they've picked Backes as cap...I mean, whoever they pick as captain: September 15th. Place your bets, people.
  • Anybody else surprised that Baby Captain Serious looks...serious? And how 'bout Baby LEADERSHIP! looking so poised at a young age? [Hockey Players As Kids]

That should be enough topics, how 'bout a video and then I get the hell out of here. Sound good? Sounds good.

Video: (Thanks CCR)

Steve Dangle talks about funny soundbites and stuff

That'll do for now. See you tomorrow.

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