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Blues Silent During NHL Draft Round One; Top 11 List

So Doug Armstrong was one of the general managers with multiple second round picks that didn't turn them into a player or a first round selection. A little bit of a surprise. But at least the Blues didn't trade for five years of Brian Campbell making $7 million a year like Florida did. Also, the Blues are guaranteed not to fuck up a first round pick this year, which is kind of nice. 

It was interesting when the draft coverage would scan the floor and you'd see the Blues table full of older guys in suits. They'd be sitting around, talking. The phone there on the table. But they didn't make the coverage that often. Maybe the TV cameras missed them on the phone. Maybe John Davidson and Doug Armstrong were on that thing all night. What might they have said?

Top 11 Blues Front Office Guys Said On Their Little Black Draft Phone

11. "Hello, Domino's? I'd like to order a dozen pizzas. I'm at the NHL Draft. Last name is Illitch.

10. "I'm wearing a suit...what are you wearing?"

 9. "Honey, calm down. Get the black remote and find the button in the upper right called 'source.' Push that. Find HDMI2. Now turn the DVD player on. Ok, find the skinny remote..."

 8. "St. Louis Blues...uh huh...uh huh. No, I would not like to donate to the police benevolent fund. We're on the no call list."

 7. "Hello, St. Louis Blues. My name. Peggy."

 6. "Hello, 911? I'm at the NHL draft at the Canucks table. I'd like to report a police car on fire and rioting."

 5. "No, I don't want to trade for Brian Campbell. Who do I look like, Dale Tallon?"

 4. "St. Louis Blues, no Oshie's not available. How can I help (click). Hello? Hello?"

 3. "Hello, Columbus? Is your refrigerator running?"

 2. "I've got a lot more than 15 minutes. How much can I save on my car insurance?"

 1. "Hey Jarmo! What time is it there in Europe? We're at the draft! Wassup?!!? Hey waitress, more shots!"