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Tuesday Links: Qualifying Offer Edition


At right, here's a picture of director/Silent Bob Kevin Smith gettin' some action in a Blues jersey at Disneyland. That's how you do it, folks.

Blues News

  • Reaves, Bishop and Teeeeeej got qualifying offers from the Blues yesterday. [Blues]
  • This week in stupid: D'Ags not getting an offer. He will probably hit the market soon. Personally, I think not retaining D'Ags' rights could come back to bite the team. Also, he doesn't have a restaurant on The Hill yet. [P-D]
  • Dave Checketts is going to work with the Detroit Pistons. He clearly needs the money. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • The Blackhawks are cleaning house once again. Tomas Kopecky is heading to poo Florida with Brian Campbell. [Chicago Sun Times]
  • Detroit wants re-alignment to happen. They only see good in it. Well, we all see good in it. It means we get to see your geriatric asses 4-5 times less per year. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Sidney Crosby is steadily making his way back to the NHL. [Reuters]
  • The Flyers unloaded more players yesterday, sending some guy to Minnesota. Who is this guy again? [The Mercury]
  • The Panthers need to spend $24 million to reach the salary cap floor. With all the fat-ass contacts they are taking on, it looks like they'll get there. [Miami Herald]
  • With True North moving the Moose to St. John's, Vancouver needed a new place to develop future chokers. They took charge of Atlanta's former affiliate, the Chicago Wolves. [NHL]
  • Phoenix has a new AHL affiliate, too: the Portland Pirates. [Portland Daily Sun]
  • But the Coyotes lost a potential owner in Matt Hulsizer. We are doomed to re-live the Coyotes drama until the end of time. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kevin Bieksa and Maxim Lapierre will be staying in Vancouver to look ugly and be annoying. [SportingNews]

Other Stuff

  • Game Timer partstim thinks that Blues fans can relate to this article: "6 Bizarre Incidents that Prove God Hates Sports." [Cracked]
  • TB thinks you suffer from a Jeff the Cat deficiency. Here you go. [Jeff the Cat]
  • Important question of the day: was Shakespeare a stoner? [5min]

Tuesday Video

Fuck Apple.

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