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Wednesday Links: Hole-Filling Zookeepers Edition

Why do draft photos always chug so much dong?
Why do draft photos always chug so much dong?

Congratulations to Belfour on his HHOF induction. Ya dick.

Blues News

  • Huh-huh...he said "filling holes." [P-D]
  • Blues players will walk the red carpet for Kevin James' latest terrible movie at the St. Louis Zoo. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Anything would've beaten last year's shitty Hall of Fame class, even one with Ed Belfour. [NHL]
  • Despite this improvement, Scott Burnside believes that the HHOF selection process needs a major overhaul. [ESPN]
  • Here's one of the best re-alignment scenarios that I've seen. This map was way funnier when Colorado was somehow in Wyoming. [National Post]
  • The Isles got the rights to Christian Ehrhoff and they don't have long to sign him. Will they pull it off? [Puck Daddy]
  • Reports indicate that Jaromir Jagr will be making a decision on an NHL return tomorrow, either with Pittsburgh or Detroit. [PensBurgh]
  • Brooks Laich made bank in Washington yesterday. [SB Nation]
  • Free agency: wacky. [The Province]
  • Every No. 1 pick in Edmonton is basically Gretzky, man. [Edmonton Journal]
  • We saw a bunch of new jerseys unveiled at the draft, but there still are more to be seen. Find out who is dropping their shitty Reebok-era designs for more traditional endeavors here. [Icethetics]

Other Stuff

  • A while back, I linked to a Justin Bieber song slowed down 800%. While that clip created some soothing, psychedelic shit, the same can't be said for the dial-up sound. Creepy. [YouTube]
  • St. Louis might be crime-infested, but at least it ain't dirty. [Yahoo! Travel]
  • Fuck USB ports by making both sides of the connector work. [Dornob]
  • How to be a dick online: gaming edition. [Cracked]

Wednesday Video

Sex in the morning, sex all day. Best worst music video and song of the millenium.

Green screen. How does it work?

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