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Friday Links: I'm Not Terribly Fond of Detroit Edition

No pictures were found when I searched "Fuck Detroit." This is good enough.
No pictures were found when I searched "Fuck Detroit." This is good enough.

When this posts, I'll be on an airplane headed towards Detroit. Pray for my sanity. When you actually read this, I'll be drinking in downtown St. Louis somewhere. Detroit takes a lot out of you. 

Blues News:

  • Roman Polak is going to be farting in helmets for many years to come. [Blues]
  • JR chats and relays that the team thinks a deal with TEEEJ will get done. [Post Dispatch]

  • Check it - The Blues held a food drive for Joplin and some of the guys talk about the organ-I-zation. It's safe to say Ben Bishop is tall. [YouTube]

  • Sobe watch 2K11. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey Stuff:

  • In case you didn't know, the NHL didn't suspend Burrows because, well we don't understand it. He bit him. Case closed. The Wheel of Justice should change to "Anything Goes!!!! Good Luck!" [CBC Sports]
  • Bite-gate wasn't the first of its kind - not even close. A look back at the biters and biteees. [CBC Sports]
  • Pensburgh debates which team they would like to see move to the Southeast Division. [PensBurgh]
  • Real headline "Toronto deserves second NHL team: Economic development committee." Real reaction: Bahahahahahahahahahahaha. []
  • Let's look at the legacy of Colin Campbell. Please don't read if you get dizzy easily - there is a lot of head shaking to be done. [Puck Daddy]
  • 4,000 season tickets sold in Winnipeg, 9,000 left until the name is revealed? Is my math correct? I'll only cheer if their name is TROGDOR the Burninator. [CBC Sports]

Other Stuff:

  • Video: Combining "Stairway to Heaven" with the theme from "Gilligan’s Island." Crazy awesome. [youtube]
  • My absurd childhood shenanigans will never be a plot in a movie, but these 9 wacky stories have been immortalized in movies - some of them really good. Eye of the Tiger. [Cracked]
  • Just when we thought the Redskins fans/players couldn’t be any odder [see: Southeast Jerome and The Hogs] someone goes and pulls this crazy shit. [Shutdown Corner]


To get ready for tomorrow’s meet and drink and moonwalk, we should learn how to moonwalk.

O B Clark's. Tonight. 

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