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Heeeeey Laaaadies... TJ Oshie Re-signs With The Blues; 1 Year, $2.35 Million

You know it's a good day when you wake up and there's an e-mail in your in-box asking someone to do a quick write-up about T.J. Oshie re-signing. It's even better when you know that the Blues've used some common sense in terms and amount - not like they have a choice, since they kind of don't have an owner with cash flow.

I know a lot of you guys wanted TJ in for a couple more years, and I would have been fine with that - but a shorter term contract that still expires when Oshie's an RFA is the best thing for him. He hasn't been able to make it through a season without a weird injury, so now's his chance to stay healthy for 82 games and show everyone what he's really capable of. A big payday afterward's a great incentive.

You know what this means - no more fighting with the BJs. And, honestly, no more fighting over BJs, or skipping practice for whatever reason. All eyes are on you, Teej.

What did Oshie have to say about this?

"I just wanted to sign, just wanted to get here. I couldn't imagine playing anywhere else. couldn't be happier. Glad to be back in St. Louis. I always knew that was going to be the end result."