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Thursday Links: Free Agency's Eve Edition

When I got off work and returned home ~2 AM, I was tired and there wasn't a whole lot to link. I wake up and there's a whole lotta shakin' goi-fine, I'll stop. That song sucks anyway.

Blues News

  • The Blues have re-signed Oshie to a one-year deal. That's right. He has one year to not fall asleep in a strip joint in Illinois and miss practice in order to get a better, long-term contact. Not getting injured again helps, too. [Blues]
  • Paul Kariya hung 'em up yesterday. I'm sure his number will be retired here in the OC soon. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Paulie Walnuts didn't go out with a wimper, though. He had some harsh words for the NHL regarding player safety. [P-D]
  • Todd Marchant also retired and will join the Ducks front office. They picked the worst picture of Marchant for this article. [Edmonton Journal]
  • Steven Stamkos is going down to the wire with his RFA contract, making EA Sports and their NHL 12 cover sweat in the process. Where will he end up? [Puck Daddy]
  • J.P. Dumont, Cam Barker, Sheldon Souray and Mike Commodore have all had their contracts bought out this morning. Who do you think the Blues should go after? Dumont, in my opinion, is the best candidate out of the four. JUST KIDDING LOL CAM BARKER. [On the Forecheck]
  • Apparently, Jagr has already started contact negotiations with the Penguins, preventing Detroit from getting any older. [SB Nation Detroit]
  • Tomas Kaberle will be testing the free agent waters for a bit, but I don't expect him to leave Boston. [NHL]
  • New York examines its free agent opti-blahblahblah Brad Richards blah. [New York Times]
  • Tomorrow will be INSANE. Follow the insanity on TV with NHL Network's free agency coverage. [Fox]
  • The Christian Ehrhoff saga continues, now with added insults from the Canucks organization. Still classy! [The Province]
  • Who wants Jason Arnott's old balls? They're up for sale. [Washington Post]
  • Peter Stastny gave an interview about Quebec City getting hosed out of a new NHL team, but this one isn't as awesome as his interview about the Johnson/Stewart trade. [Fox]
  • Buffalo's Steve Montador now belongs to Chicago (until tomorrow). Good! We always need new people to jeer. [Chicago Tribune]

Other Stuff

  • "My iPhone fell in the toilet and now I have to buy a new one!" #firstworldproblems [Helablog]
  • Fence-climbing turtles are all the rage. [CBS News]
  • Sometimes, movies don't end well. These guys remedy that issue. [How It Should Have Ended]

Thursday Video

When life gives you problems, fart in its face.

I'm glad to have helped you overcome your cuteness deficiency. If you got the obscure, old Nick cartoon reference in the picture caption, you are a true champion. If not, suck it.

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