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Friday Links: Happy Birthday, Iggy Edition


Welcome to Free Agency Frenzy Friday! Also known as Jagr Watch Day 3. Unfortunately, not much is available driving the price of what is available to obscene highs. On top of all of that, the Blues are currently without an owner willing to spend money. Perhaps the stars will align and something crazy awesome happens. Most likely not.

Blues News:

Oshie may become a cautionary tale. Get your shit together, brah. [Puck Daddy]

JR reinforces what we all thought - the Blues probably will be quiet today. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

Ridicitarded. In every single way possible. Ehrhoff, CHRISTIAN EHRHOFF, will make $10 million dollars next year. [Puck Daddy]

Jussi Jokinen will be a Hurricane for the next 3 years. [Canes Country]

Montador signs four-year deal with Hawks. []

Pingvingz priority is to sign TK today. [Post-Gazette]

"Top 10" UFA's available. GameTime tried to make a top 10 list as laughable as this, but failed. []

Other Stuff:

20 Patriotic baby names. I had to check this thrice - no Sean Sean. This list is incomplete. [The Stir]

Speaking of Sean Sean, I really hope his parents don't turn out like these guys. [STFU, Parents]


May I present to you our present:

I'm bad. Yes.

gametimelinks [at]

Thoughts on UFA's available? Iggy's birthday? NBA lockout? Louie's lack of pants? Lay it all out here.