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Sunday Links: If Only Dave Checketts Were Running With the Bulls Edition

This picture never gets old.
This picture never gets old.

Slow news day. I'm tempted to wait until tomorrow to post this just to see if something of significant note happens. Watch this post then something crazy happens. Maybe Holmgren will get a third wind or something . . . 

Blues News:

There's no pro basketball, so why can't St. Louis be a tandem baseball/hockey town? [SBNation]

Hockey News:

Resident Russian talks NHL/KHL. [Puck Daddy]

Even more activity from the Jets this offseason. [CBC]

Crazy graph on the spending this summer. [Puck Daddy] 

College hockey is getting the ol' shake up. [Puck Daddy]

How the times have changed - the hockey offseason is very different from 1960's. [Ottawa Senator]

Is this real life? Robitaille's son is pursuing a musical career. Stage name? Jesserae. [Toronto Sun]

Other Stuff:

For all of those conference calls you undoubtably have, Wholethedagsout with a Bingo card you can use. [Fail Blog]

As Paula Deen rides things, Hildy laughs a lot. [FoodNetwork Humor]


So there is a Firefly rap.

Flick will be back. Tomorrow. 

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