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Monday Links: Chicken and Meat Edition

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I'm doing a dialogue edit on this Bulgarian film and they're eating dinner right now. They're just eating chicken and meat. Nothing else. Bulgarians know how to eat.

Blues News

  • More coverage on the potential Hulsizer purchase of the Blues. [NBC]

NHL/Hockey News

  • If you want you advertise things with the NHL, you have to go through the NBC now. [Financial Post]
  • The first Czech in the NHL, Jaroslav Jirik, died at 71 over the weekend. [USA Today]
  • Joey MacDonald signed a two-year, two-way contract with Detroit. What does that make of Ty Conklin? [SB Nation Detroit]
  • Get'cha arbitration schedule here. [LA Times]
  • 20 players will be arbiting (spell check says this isn't a word, but fuck it) this off-season. [Vancouver Sun]
  • The WIld are, apparently, the smartest team in free agency. Do you agree? [Bleacher Report]

Other Stuff

  • I like linking you guys pointless, time-consuming flash things. "Hunting Arrows" is another one of those things. [Adapted Studio]
  • Meme timeline. I forgot most of these. So is the way of a meme. [Dipity]
  • Kindergarten is a lie. [Cracked]

Monday Video

Chicken and meat.  This one goes out to Hartigan and that bacon she probably ate this morning for breakfast.

People in the street eatin' chicken and meat. People eatin' bacon all across the nation.

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