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Wednesday Links: Ah-Cheechoo Edition


Blues News

  • Another incredibly smart, low-risk move by GM Doug Armstrong: former NHL scoring champ Jonathan Cheechoo signs a 1-year deal with St. Louis. He will likely start in Peoria. [PJS]
  • Suddenly, everybody wants to buy the Blues. [TSN]
  • That TSN report says that there are only three bidders. The Post-Dispatch is reporting five. [P-D]
  • A touching story that CCR and Answer Man wanted me to post about T.J. Oshie and a family that saw the father develop pancreatic cancer. It's from back in February, but who cares? [Crookston Times]

NHL/Hockey News

  • A look at teams still not at the salary cap floor. There are quite a few. [Puck Daddy]
  • All-Canadian division? Hurrrrr... [Toronto Star]
  • The Red Wings' departure from the Central Division would be good for the Blackhawks. Not for the rivalry and history between the teams, but their win column. Pussies. [Midwest Sports Fan]
  • The NHL is getting some sort of award. [Fox]
  • Like the Penguins needed more people who can fight! They inked Steve MacIntyre to a 1-year deal yesterday. [Citizen's Voice]
  • Many people thought Dany Heatley would stick with San Jose for years, but with his recent move to Minnesota, will this chump ever find a "home?" [Bleacher Report]
  • The Flyers hit the ground running this off-season, but nobody is sure how it's going to turn out. [PennLive]
  • Will Chris Osgood sign with Detroit? I really hope so. He's like Swiss cheese these days. [DFP]

Other Stuff

  • Yesterday, I linked you to the "South California" proposal. Today, you get to find out that North Dakota might not even be a state. [Newser]
  • Earlier this week, I was all like, "fuck yeah, Netflix." Now, I'm all like, "fuck you, Netflix." These changes are ridiculous. [Yahoo! Movies]
  • Greatest headline The Onion has come up with in a few months. [The Onion]

Wednesday Video

How come when I'm in the kitchen, YOU in the kitchen. Hangin' out with all the hoochies.

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