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Thursday Links: Creve Coeur's Twitter Fight Over BJs Edition

Blues News

  • A look at Ben Bishop from the folks in Broken Heart Land (aka "that one place where my mom works"). Has their ice rink stopped sucking since I left town? [Creve Coeur Patch]
  • The Blues continue to help out with the Joplin relief effort. [Creve Coeur Patch]
  • Graham Mink, AHL powerhouse, is returning to Hershey after only one year with Peoria. [AHL]
  • If you missed last night's KMOX Blues Special, you can catch most of it right on the Blues website. [Blues]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Kristian Huselius of the BJs will be out for 4-6 months after lifting weights. I don't like when Columbus' homer announcers say his name anyway. It's grating on the ears. [Columbus Dispatch]
  • In other BJs news, they will be moving their ECHL affiliation to the newly-formed Chicago Express. [Chicago Courier]
  • According to some ranking system, the Blues are the 3rd hardest team to root for. No bandwagon fans for us! [Puck Daddy]
  • Brandon Sutter re-ups in Carolina for three years and $6.2 million. [Reuters]
  • Michael Duco talked shit on the Canucks on Twitter during the playoffs. Now a member of the Canucks, Duco wants to distance himself. Hey, I'd still get in the Sedins faces about being pussies, but that's just me. [Slam! Sports]
  • Ryan White gets a one-way contract to punch people for Montreal. [WFP]
  • Nashville is all about the gold. [Icethetics]

Other Stuff

  • Remember, 90s Nickelodeon returns Monday, July 25th. [Jezebel]
  • Pictured: college. [Tosh.0]
  • Piss off this woman and get your dick cut off. [BBC]
  • What  happened in your birth year herpderp. [WHIYBY]

Thursday Video

Jews can play hockey, too.

Hartigan here? Tomorrow? You don't say.

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