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Saturday Links: Is This Thing On? Edition


No matter how many times I hit F5 there are no new stories, just lists and recaps of events from long, long ago. I'm going to go batshit crazy. 

Blues News:

  • This is not breaking news, but it is really official now. Miss you already, Cam. Okay, so it's like 3 days late. Leave me alone - I was grieving.  [SB Nation]

Hockey News:

  • THE news story of Friday was 20 cent needing surgery for his wrist. This is the best article because in it, Scarlet takes a tumble. [KB]
  • Yada, yada, yada, offseason means train for the season. Twitter reminds me every day. [Puck Daddy]
  • CGDS's big bro caused a stir with #passittobulis yesterday. [Pass It To Bulis - actually, don't]
  • Obligatory Down Goes Brown linkage. [DGB]
  • Have some time on your hands? Watch Stanley Cup of Chowder's Top 10 Jack Edwards Calls. [SCoC]
  • Another Top 10 list [10 is such a random number, 11 is much better]. Worst Free Agent signings so far. 


Other Stuff:

  • Take SLGT's format for Top 11 lists, multiply it by three and you get 33 ways to stay creative. #24 Break the rules. My kind of 'suggestion.' [Today and Tomorrow]
  • Hey, you Chicago Game Timers, go take a picture of this Marilyn Monroe statue. She's in the Seven Year Itch pose AKA the wind blew up her skirt. No, I don't mean that kind of picture. Filthy minds. [The Daily What]
  • A few ideas of Google + circles you can create. [Happy Place]


If you like Power Rangers, watch and be amazed. If you do not, the pink Power Ranger violinist has other stuff like Xena, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Sailor Moon and Final Fantasy.

Yo, the name is Batty, the Logic is erratic, potato in a jacket, toys in the attic . . . 


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