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Sunday Links: Dalai Lama Relaxes in Visitor Hockey Locker Room Edition

This is a picture from the 10-3 win in Detroit. Good memories.
This is a picture from the 10-3 win in Detroit. Good memories.

Blues News:

  • Bleacher Report sees the Blues as a sleeper cell next season. [BR]
  • Kelly Backes is a saint. Helping homeless animals everywhere. [Kirkwood Webster Groves]

Hockey News:

  • Today we have an article about how Kirill Kabanov is trying to be punctual. [Puck Daddy]
  • Panthers + Erik Gudbranson = <3 and $$. [CBC]
  • CCR sent me on a treasure hunt to find the hidden Blue Note of awesomeness. [Reddit]
  • The Dalai Lama was in D.C. last week. His lounge was the visitor's locker room in the Verizon Center that received a calming makeover. It took just thirty hours and "[they] put in walls, crown molding, lights, wainscoting, carpet." [CTV]
  • Somebody posts pictures of his favorite sweater for each team. What did he choose for St. Louis? [BR]

Other Stuff:

  • Some idiot picks out the 40 worst dress cities. Clearly, this guy has no idea what fashion is. Anyway. Some of the pictures are worth a look - especially this Pittsburgh one. St. Louis ranks 10, Chicago ranks 4. [GQ]
  • How to cure and to smoke your own bacon. Thanks, Hildy.  

    [That Guy Who Cooks]


Childhood Trauma submitted this video with a query: "will this ever get old." Hell to the no.

What up dawg? I killed you. To be honest I only got half way through the video before I stopped it - to restart it. Thanks, Uiwwildthing2 


If Flick survived Carmageddon he will be here tomorrow.

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