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Saturday Links: Rollin on E Edition

Inside Paul Holmgren's brain.
Inside Paul Holmgren's brain.

The Blues stayed quiet yesterday signing reasonable contracts. The East exploded. 

Blues News:

Prepare for a goalie battle - newly acquired Brian Elliott and super tall Ben Bishop will have at it. [KMOX]

Release the Cracknell? Hell no, re-sign the Cracknell. [St Louis Blues]

D'ags inked a 2 year deal. [BND]

It's a cruel, cruel summer. Little money will make for a quiet, cruel summer. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

Brian Burke is called out for visiting troops on free agency day. It is now time to call out Steve Simmons for being an asshat. [Hockey Wilderness]

HEGONE. Varlamov to Avs. This could benefit the Blues.  [Puck Daddy]

WTF. Talbot wasn't going back to Pittsburgh, that was clear. But to sign with Philadephia? Am I taking crazy pills? [Puck Daddy]

Jagr signed with Flippin' Philadelphia. [Everybody]

Hey Chicago! Hide yo' cabbies! Carbomb is in town! [Chicago Blackhawks]

Jussi Jokinen will be a Hurricane for the next 3 years. [Canes Country]

Fuck it. Too much happened to mention it all. A completely list so you can read more on something that tickled your fancy. [NHL]


We need something calm and simple to balance yesterday's billions of WTF moments


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