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Thursday Links: Checketts Sells to Dr. Wily Edition

Blues News

  • Dave Checketts hopes to have his list of potential buyers down to one soon. [P-D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski are tired of sucking. That's why they're excited to be BJs! [Puck Daddy]
  • This is news: will Evander Kane don Bobby Hull's #9, despite these Winnipeg Jets being an entirely different lineage? [Puck Daddy]
  • Mark Bell will be returning to the Ducks. [NBC]
  • Patrick Lalime announced his retirement yesterday. Today, he's announcing that he will be an analyst/therapist. Analrapist. [CBS]
  • The Jets AHL affiliate in St. John is starting to take shape as players move around. [WFP]
  • Cartoon characters got an endorsement deal with the NHL. What the hell is a Phineas and Ferb? [WEEI]
  • Doc Emrick is done with the Devils, desiring a lighter work schedule. He'll still be on NBC. [ESPN]
  • Brandon Dubinsky and the Rangers avoided arbitration yesterday. [TSN]
  • Those looking forward to NHL 12 will be treated to a new "Be A Pro" mode. Check it out in this awesome trailer. [GameTrailers]

Other Stuff

  • This Batmobile replica is amazing. [Wired]
  • Conan's superhero alter-ego, The Flaming C, returned to take down Andy Richter last night. [Team Coco]
  • The Internet apparently makes us stupid. [Cracked]

Thursday Video

Yesterday, I was saddened by the news that Capcom is done with the Mega Man franchise. It's time to pay tribute. First with Duane and Brand0's epic rap:

And then... Awesome Man:

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