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Monday Links: Aggro Crag to Determine Captaincy Edition

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5ee9e96e1f1ba5d72ae0728683645316_mediumI'm going to be posting bad Blues wallpaper for the links photos all week, so if you've got some, submit some. This one at right is atrocious. An action figure and the current logo with red trim? Nasty.

Blues News

NHL/Hockey News

  • Alexi Yashin? What a joke, eh? [Puck Daddy]
  • Gary Bettman gets more yayper. [Sporting News]
  • Mark Recchi (who, by the way, is the coolest person you know) wants to get into player development with the NHL. [NESN]
  • Your weekend news recap for those who need it quick. [Too Many Men on the Site]
  • Don Cherry will probably make a suit out of the Jets' new logo. [Toronto Sun]
  • Where are the offer sheets this off-season? Off not making any sense. [USA Today]

Other Stuff

  • Dinosaur Office has gone big time, debuting as the latest College Humor original series. [CH]
  • Auto Correct?  No, it really smells like vagina. [Damn You, Auto Correct]
  • Boeing is working on a Millennium Falcon that's powered by Nazi technology. [Gizmodo]

Monday Video

Mike gets silly.

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