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Tuesday Links: John Goodman Out-Grinds Kris Draper Edition

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I want summer to be over for two reasons: hockey and normal work hours. Thanks for putting up with sometimes afternoon linkage as "Bad Wallpaper Week" continues. I've got a doozy today:


Blues News

  • We've got nothing better to do than relive past misery. Stevens, Shanahan... you know the drill. [Puck Daddy]
  • Bishop vs. Elliot is on. [NBC Sports]

NHL/Hockey News

Other Stuff

  • AFFTON, SUCKA. John Goodman returns to TV on NBC's hit comedy "Community." [NY Mag]
  • I'm Comic Sans, asshole. [McSweeny's]
  • Fuck Pennies. [imgur]

Tuesday Video

It's summer, so go train ya dog!

Accepting shitty Blues wallpaper at...

gametimelinks AT gmail DOT com