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Wednesday Links Links: Manny Does the Splits Edition


I don't know what's worse: Manny Legace or that fruity font. EDIT: LOL IT'S WEDNESDAY.

Blues News

  • Rutherford documents Cam Janssen's story as he heads back east. [P-D]
  • Fucking ownership. How does it work? [Bettor]
  • Chris Stewart makes the list of top right wingers for the upcoming season. [Puck Daddy]

NHL/Hockey News

  • NHL Divisional previews incoming. [Southeast] [Northeast]
  • Kansas Shitty's hopes of getting a pro sports franchise took a huge hit with AEG, the company that owns the Sprint Center, turning its attention to an L.A. NFL stadium. [Puck Daddy]
  • The new Jets have a lot to get used to, like fans. [Down Goes Brown]
  • EA Sports added "anticipation AI" to NHL 12, making it an even more badass game. I never noticed that prior iterations never anticipated the puck, so, like... wow, dude.  Awesome. [YouTube]
  • Who's nails in the shootout? [Crash the Crease]
  • A charity game in Minnesota, featuring a handful of NHL players, was a huge hit with the fans. Probably because they got to see Brent Burns again. [South Washington County Bulletin]
  • When it comes to lockouts, the NHL doesn't have "it." [SenShot]
  • More fan attempts to create a jersey for the Jets. [Icethetics]

Other Stuff

  • The Big Lebowski house is up for sale. [LA Weekly]
  • Kittens flying in slow motion. [Funny or Die]
  • The 8 Worst Types of Blogs on the Internet. One of them is "the linker." Sorry, guys. :( :( :( [Cracked]

Wednesday Video(s)

First, dumb shit:

Now, funny shit. We all love the leprechaun from Mobile, Alabama.

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