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Thursday Links: Checketts Trades Blues for Rainbow Sponge Edition


What's with goaltenders and frilly font? You desktop wallpaper makin' people are dummies.

Blues News

  • Expect the Blues to have a new owner before the start of the season. Also, expect me to keep linking to websites you've never heard of, because it's the off-season. [FanIQ]
  • Gonna add this on here: Shattenkirk joined Twitter with one of the best names ever: "shattdeuces." [Twitter]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Ray Emery is going to Blackhawks camp on a tryout. Sign him, Chicago, so you can have shitty goaltending. [ESPN]
  • Ryan Callahan and the Rangers avoided arbitration with a shiny three-year deal. [NY Times]
  • Mike Richards is ready to start anew in Los Angeles and by "start anew," I mean, "another bar tab." [NHL]
  • The Jets logo is really tearing people apart. [Marketing]
  • Is the NHL headed towards another lockout? [National Post]
  • The Coyotes and Canucks switched home games. Any other time of the year, this isn't news. [NHL]
  • The best old balls in NHL history. Mark fuckin' Recchi. [Bleacher Report]
  • Rochester of the AHL named a new head coach, plucking Ron Rolston from the USA Hockey National Team Development Program. [Fox]
  • Cory Stillman still needs a home. [Bleacher Report]

Other Stuff

  • From the Answer Man to Childhood Trauma: "How to Troll a Dating Website." [Married to the Mob]
  • A 7-year old in China ate too much fried chicken and started puberty. [Asia One]
  • Coming out of the closet? Make sure you're stronger than your parents. [The Onion]

Thursday Video

You asked for it! A whole video devoted to rainbow sponge!

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