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Sunday Links: D Man Cometh Edition

Yes, leap frog is a fun game. Just don't do it during a game.
Yes, leap frog is a fun game. Just don't do it during a game.

The dog Mike Tyson'd the rabbit last night. Things got crazy. Blues picked up a D Man, funny how that works.

Blue News:

Hockey News:

  • The setting: an auction house in Texas. The cast: Brad Richards and various teams. The plot: sell to the highest bidder. The twist: watch the full 9 years to find out. [Puck Daddy]
  • Holy Goalie madness, GMGM Man! Out goes Varlamov. In comes Vokoun. For $1.5 million. [Japer's Rink]
  • Wow. The numbers are crazy. The number of players moved, money spent, years committed. It's insanity! [CBC]
  • Are long term contracts stupid? [Puck Daddy]
  • That was too fast. Oilers inked all over RNH. [CBC]

Other Stuff:

  • Fantastic. Recreation of Dune with Gummi Bears and a large Gummi Worm. [TDW Geeks]
  • Impress your fellow drunk BBQer's with 11 - count 'em - 11 - Fourth of July Facts. []
  • Test your knowledge of Canada . . . if you dare. [TIME NewsFeed]


To get a jump start on the spirit of the Fourth of July, Tom Raper has a PSA for America. 

Happy 4th! [Obviously this is July 3rd's post, but you should celebrate every day.]

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