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Sunday Links: Another One Bites the Dust Edition

Poll: These things or Louie?
Poll: These things or Louie?

July is done! One month closer to hockey and to a full and robust set of links! Hip-hip HOORAY! This is cause for a celebration! Red wine or 7&7's and canoli's while watching AMC's Mob Week.

Blues News:

  • If you scroll all the way to the end of the article stopping once to laugh at the Rasmus/TLR bits, you'll find two Blues related notes. 1. Armstrong will be meeting with Perron next week and 2. St. Louis Blues staff and the pants-less wonder will be headed to Joplin, MO and are looking for volunteers. [PD]

Hockey News:

  • Tomorrow's the big vote. Will Islander hockey as we know it be saved? Cue video montage! [Lighthouse Hockey]
  • Kings officially file grievance over Ryan Smyth/Colin Fraser deal. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kovalev to KHL, and the ol' Ottawa rag doesn't seem to broken up about it.  [Ottawa Citizen]
  • A case for why Bettman is NOT overpaid. It has nothing to do with being a compensation for his height like I originally thought. [The Province]
  • Pre-order NHL12 this week from Amazon and receive a $20 credit plus another goodie. You can verify the information on Amazon's site, but they don't include a link to the Star Wars limited edition Xbox + Kinect. [Punch Jump]
  • Needed another article so here's one about Shea Weber's arbitration impending hearing. [On the Forecheck]

Other Stuff:

  • The guy in the video is so fascinating and enthusiastic over pizza boxes. It definitely has trivia worthy tidbits of information. [boing boing]
  • Heycarrieann, there is going to be a Toddlers and Tiara's inspired episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And Fat Mac will be waddling to the FX station nearest you. [Oh No They Didn't]
  • Clearly, summertime is TV watching time. And taking trivia quizzes about your favorite mob movies. [AMC]


This baby makes metal adorable. Next time you need a Pantera "Fucking Hostile" fix, here it is. Thank you, Uiwwildthing2.


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