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Ask and you shall receive: it's the return of F-You Friday

You know, momma always said that if you don't have anything nice to say, you say that shit after the jump.

  • Fuck you, everyone who needs to try to define this site. Yeah, that's right. I'm about tired, tired, tired of the bullshit. This site, just like our paper, has always been and always will be about the opinions of hardcore Blues fans. There is no set of editorial bulletpoints distributed to the staff every morning. There is no direction from anyone as to what the attitude of the site will be. Each writer is allowed to say whatever they want, virtually whenever they want. As such, there will be differing viewpoints. Some will be positive, some will be negative. All of them will most decidedly represent what at least part of the fanbase happens to be thinking or feeling. Anyone who is getting caught up in whether this site has 'gone negative' or (as we have been accused of as recently as a couple months ago) is being 'too positive' is simply overthinking it. We are fans, we have opinions, we make jokes. That's about as close to a mission statement as I've ever written. Get over yourselves, everyone. 
  • Fuck you, snipers. As long as I'm bitching about people in Blues World, if you're running one of these other Blues sites and feel the need to constantly snipe at our editorial content or spend a lot of your time trying to draw an "us vs them" line in the ethernet, well knock yourself out. But rather than spending your time worrying about who we are or what we stand for or how we get readers or links on Puck Daddy, I have a suggestion for you: work on your own shit. Develop your own audience and quit worrying about ours. Readers come here for a reason; get over it and figure out a way to build your own. Oh, and if you're getting all excited thinking this is about your site specifically, don't. Because you're wrong. 
  • Fuck you, summer. I'm seriously over watching the playoffs over and over and over again on the NHL Network. Bring on training camp, pre-season and the regular season again. Regardless of how good or mediocre the Blues will be this year, one thing never changes and that's my love of going to the games and putting too much time and emotional effort into rooting on this team. So seriously, summer, enough of your bullshit already - bring on the Fall.
  • Fuck you, dog shit. This animal that lives in my house has turned into a soft-serve shitting machine. Every walk I need to bring two bags. Every load is hot and soupy. On top of that, some other asshole in my neighborhood feels no need to clean up his dog's shit in my front yard. No worries, Neighbor! You wanna get nuts around here? You want total dogshit anarchy? Fine. My dog craps it's weight in ridiculously stinky slime every day and I'm more than happy to quit picking it up. Consider the countdown clock to dogshitmageddon officially ticking.
  • Fuck you, Hardcore Pawn. This show has done an excellent job of making me feel sorry for the city of Detroit for the first time ever. If this show is accurate, Detroit is a burned out shell and the people of the town are all beaten the fuck down. On top of that scene, you can't help but wonder, Is there any sadder place than a pawn shop in Detroit? Ug, what a disaster. Surprisingly, I may better understand why Wings fans tend to be such humorless assholes now, thanks to this show. Of course, that doesn't mean I don't still hate the Red Wings. I mean, seriously, fuck Detroit.

Now I feel better. Thanks to whomever it was who made the heartfelt request for the return of this feature. Now it's your turn - give us your most cathartic F-You in the comments.