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Friday Links: What's Old Is New Again Edition

He's pretty old.
He's pretty old.

Blues News:

  • Hockey writers with St. Louis leanings share their thoughts on the new additions. [PD]
  • Hey look, EJ Hradek breaks down the Arnott, Langenbrunner signings. [NHL]

Hockey News:

  • Red Wings fan not fined for throwing an octopus onto the ice due to the arresting officer not showing up to court. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Nashville Predators are marketing their team as Atlanta's team too. Pick up a 5 game plan, get the Jets game fo' free. [SBAtlanta]
  • Picked this up from Puck Daddy. It's a fan flow chart. It's fantastic. [Fan Flow Chart]
  • Predicted winners and losers of Free Agency. [NYTimes]

Other Stuff:

  • Maybe porn mustachioed Mark Cuban could take Oshie out to party. [Deadspin]
  • An interesting twist on an Irish Car Bomb - but, hey, Jameson! [Fashionably Bombed]
  • You know it's just Manny wii'ing Manny. [Dugout]

Video Clip:

ESPN had the inside scoop that Albert is a machine which has led to a 2 day ESPN commercial bender. Arnold Palmer is the best summer commercial. Ever.

Old is good, right? Time will tell.

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