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Saturday Links: Rumors GDT Edition

Did you know that Lindsay Lohan had a single entitled, "Rumors?" It's on my iPod.

Blues News:

Both of these things were front page linked yesterday. If there were a Developmental Camp there might have been new stuff. 

  • RUMORS. Didn't get the Yotes, what's the next logical choice? The Blues, naturally. [Puck Daddy]
  • How did the NHL broadcasters in your area rank? Our boys earned 4 stars!  [SBNation]

Hockey News:

  • Y U heff to B mad, Kings GM Dean Lombardi? [Puck Daddy]
  • HEGONE. Caps Eric Fehr is, well, gone. [CBC]
  • Ovechkin's late night tweets all in one spot. [Ovetjkin]
  • Um. Sure. Other Capitals article. Why not. This one has Semin . . . [OFB]
  • Jersey Fouls. Nuff Said. [Puck Daddy]
  • Need a history refresher course on offer sheets? Look no further. [DBG]
  • The Canucks fans don't want Wham Bam thank you Cam either. [Nucks Misconduct]

Other Stuff:

Homer J. Simpson invites Will and Kate to a reading. [EW]

The World Map of Useless Stereotypes. Russia cracks me up. [NYTimes]

Ever since watching "The Prince and Me," I've wanted to be in a lawn mower race. [videogum]


Ask and you shall receive. Maybe. 

MORE COWBELL with the picture flipped. 


Why the GDT addition? Isn't life a game?

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