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Monday Links: Chainsaw Everyone, Everything Edition

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Derp-hockey_mediumLast week was "bad Blues wallpaper" week. This week is "derp" week. Herp is also acceptable.

Blues News

  • What does this look like? September?

NHL/Hockey News

  • Say goodbye to "Versus." That shit-dick name is going away. In its place will be "NBC Sports Network." Much more reputable sounding. It doesn't make me think of poker and dead fish. [Wall Street Journal]
  • USA Today makes predictions. By "predictions," I mean, "safe assumptions" or "doy." Fuck August. [USA Today]
  • Rumors abound about yet another NHL lockout. Let's not have that happen, okay? [A Winning Habit]
  • Today, Long Island is voting on a new arena for the Islanders. If they vote "no," they're idiots. [Puck Daddy]
  • There has been fan concept art for the Rangers' Winter Classic uniform showcased before, but now an actual jersey has surfaced. I like how nothing about this jersey displays any Rangers heritage, [Bleacher Report]
  • Winnipeg will suck this year. They should soften the blow by signing these guys. [Crash the Crease]
  • Our friends at Uncreative Predators Blog Name talk arbitration. Shea Weber arbitration to be exact. This piece is the second part to what was linked yesterday. [On the Forecheck]
  • A dude with "gag" in his name is probably going to buy the Dallas Stars. If that's not appropriate, I don't know what is. [NBC Sports]
  • This is news: Sens get a new scoreboard. [SenShot]

Other Stuff

  • Best video game: "Ninja Baseball Batman." Get yourself a MAME emulator and find a ROM. You're missing out if you don't play this amazing arcade beat 'em-up. I spent all last night experiencing it for the first time. [Destructoid]
  • Clarissa explains it all... and predicts Cowboys & Aliens. [Huffington Post]
  • Real headline: "Sex swap miracle baby born to woman who was man and man who was woman." Cool story, bro. [Mirror]

Monday Video

As mentioned before, it's August. Who gives a fuck?

Front-runner for Official SLGT Theme Song right there.

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