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Thursday Links: Black Dynamite Fights Winnipeg Hippies Edition

Blues News

  • Buy the Blues, get an opera house at no additional cost to you! That's an NHL team, an AHL team and an opera house at the ultra-low cost of $200 million! [SB Nation STL]
  • Could the Blues and Stars have the same people trying to purchase them? [Defending Big D]

NHL/Hockey News

  • A Winning Habit suggests some changes to the NHL. Some of these make sense, but most of these are shitty and dumb. Dumb and shitty. [A Winning Habit]
  • Hippies make their voices heard about Winnipeg's "war" logo. [WXII 12]
  • Winnipeg also says, "Fuck scalpers." [National Post]
  • I read the headline, "Oilers have playoffs on radar" and laughed hysterically. [NHL]
  • Video game hockey masks. Gotta love it. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Doughty saga continues. [Puck Daddy]
  • Kansas Shitty still wants an NHL franchise. [Toronto Sun]
  • Zach Bogosian is an RFA with Winnipeg and they have no idea what to pay him. How much is he worth? [WFP]
  • Who doesn't love/hate the Islanders' uniform history? [NBC Sports]

Other Stuff

  • Urkel is back and he's a ladies man, thanks to Cee Lo Green's latest music video. [The Boombox]\
  • If you have a baby, then why don't you have these pacifiers?! [LOL Library]
  • Who are the ten most hated people in America? [Buzzfeed]

Thursday Video(s)

First, let's cuddle. I call big spoon.

The Black Dynamite animated series pilot was released this week on Adult If you're a fan of the movie (if you aren't, you don't know from fun), then this shit'll get you excited.

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