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Tuesday Links: Snepsts Envy Edition

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Haroldsnepstsmustache_mediumThis isn't an auto-publish, I'm actually up at 4:40 AM Pacific. Gonna go roll some audio for some beach short or whatever. They want all that dawn and that good shit. This darkness reminds me of 5 AM hockey practice all the way out at Chesterfield. If you wanted a reason to hate hockey growing up, driving from Webster Groves to Chesterfield at 4 AM did the trick.

Oh, and mustaches. We're going with Jon Hamm's favorite player, Harold Snepsts, today.

Blues News

  • Hey, Freakazoid, you wanna go see bear ride a unicycle?

NHL/Hockey News

  • The big news from last night: Rick Rypien, 27, was found dead in his home. At this point, it looks like a suicide. Our thoughts go out to the Rypien family. [NHL]
  • What's the deal with Sidney Crosby? Is he going to be sitting on the Concussion Bus with David Perron at the beginning of the season? [KuklasKorner]
  • Candidate for the worst fight ever. I've seen worse, but it's up there. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember Jeff Woywitka? He's going to Canada now, so we'll see his large ass a few times less. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Shut the fuck up, Vancouver. The city, not the team. Who am I kidding? The team, too, while we're at it. [Globe and Mail]
  • Assorted Bruins news: what's Mark Recchi going to do? Where's Brad Marchand's contract? Who's breaking out? All this and more. [Black and Gold]
  • Former playoff hero, Michael Leighton, tries to work his way back onto a Flyers squad that clearly doesn't need him. [USA Today]
  • Fabian Brunnstrom is going to tryout for the Winged Wheel. [SB Detroit]
  • Since people get bored way easier in Canada when there's no hockey, here's a look at how former and current Edmonton goaltenders are hangin'. [Edmonton Journal]

Other Stuff

  • Fuckin' with people who be tryin' to sell you shit on da phone. [Owned]
  • Taylor Swift: the last true rock star. This article is super funny (and sarcastic). [Cracked]
  • Cypress Hill meets Bluegrass. [Buzzfeed]

Tuesday Video

People need to stop discriminating against people dressed as bank robbers.

Send me some links, rump rangers.

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