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Wednesday Links: RDO Camp Tests Mustaches Edition

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I don't like George Parros, but he has a great mustache, so here's a picture of him getting punched in the face while having a mustache. Best of both worlds.

Blues News

  • St. Louis ranked 7th in a study of "overextended sports cities." Can all three teams exist in St. Louis without bleeding the fans dry? Of course, dummy. [SB STL]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Those honky tonks down in Nashville are making southern hockey work. Not mentioned in this article: having a country singer dating one of your top players. [NBC Sports]
  • Jonas Hiller is looking to come back from vertigo, hoping to crack an All-Star game spot. Elsewhere, the RDO camp gets underway. [Toronto Sun]
  • A more in-depth look at the RDO camp, weighing the pros and cons of using 17-year old prospects as test subjects. [TSN]
  • Curved glass is going to be tested, too? Well, hot damn! [NHL]
  • Czech out Washington's goalies. [Bleacher Report]
  • Daniel Alfredsson expect to be back in time for Senators training camp. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Speaking of the Senators, they have a lot of defensemen trying to crack their squad. That's not necessarily a bad thing, though. [Silver Seven Sens]
  • You can stick any team name before the phrase "hope to return to the playoffs" at this point of the off-season and you will find an article. Today, it's the Flames. [660 news]
  • Oh, the Devils, too? My mistake. [NHL]
  • Jeremy Roenick hates it when you make Gretzky's head bleed. [Puck Daddy]
  • With Rick Rypien's passing comes the fighting debate once more. [Puck Daddy]
  • After tackling his depression last season and signing with Winnipeg, Rypien was a happy man. At least, so it seemed. [USA Today]

Other Stuff

  • With the season premiere of "Two and a Half Men" about a month away, check out Ashton Kutcher's ridiculous trailer. Sadly, it is lacking a box of dogs. [Daily Mail]
  • I make it a mission to wear sporting gear (mostly Blues shirts) out in public to meet fans, especially now that I'm in a different city where they just realized that the Kings exist again. [USA Today]
  • Politicians vs. dick-shaped food. [Funny or Die]

Wednesday Video

A pair of music videos today. First, an old, rich, white dude tries to be the next Rebecca Black. Are you "livin' de life?"

And a cheap plug for my friends from Melbourne, Australia, "Strange Talk." They just released the video for their hit single, "Climbing Walls" and it's pretty rad.

The results are in from the RDO camp: mustaches rule.

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