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Friday Links: Can't. Stop. The. Moustaches.

It's beautiful.
It's beautiful.

Brad has created a monster.

Blues News:

  • NHL TV schedule was released. Blues have 10 WHOLE GAMES possibly nationally televised. Most of them are against Detroit or Dallas. The last home game of the season will be on NBCSN (the new Versus).  [Puck The Media]
  • Petro answered questions over at Thursday Chat. [PD]

Hockey News:

  • Puck Daddy doesn't add the 1 game on the NHL Network and the 1 game on NBC to get 10 for St. Louis. I think those two games will be somewhat regional, so you may get one, two or neither of them. Here are the winners and losers none the less. [Puck Daddy]
  • GM's aren't buying the no-touch ice rule at R&D camp. [NHL]
  • Ouch, Achilles tendon surgery for Zajac. He'll be out for a bit. [CBC]
  • The guy who KO'd Matt Cooke will wear #9 for the Jets[Winnipeg Free Press]
  • The guy who was KO'd by Carcillo takes aim at his former teammate, Sasha Semin. [Washington Post]

Other Stuff:

  • 50 biggest disappointments in sports. Kimbo Slice made the list. So did Greg Joly. So, THAT's what happened to Freddy Adu. [Bleacher Report]
  • Okay, now you may say the sky is falling. Shit, just yell it. Katy Perry ties a pretty impressive Michael Jackson record. [Billboard]
  • Who doesn't like the juxtaposition from day to night in New York morphed together into one picture? [Flavorwire]


These guys make a good point, why run when you can fly? 

The Hoyas go crazy on a Chinese basketball team.

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