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Tuesdays With Hildy: What Makes A Sports Team Owner A "Good Owner?"

My last day of summer vacation... I've been dawdling on this all day, but here ya go.

Last night's vote on Long Island is divisive of more than the voters and tax base of Nassau County. It's divided the pundits into either a pro-Charles Wang/he's trying to save the team or an anti-Wang/he's been a terrible owner crowd. While he's been tirelessly working to get the Islanders the arena that they deserve, he also is responsible for allowing Mike Milbury to be employed, pushed for the 10-year Yashin deal, hired his backup goaltender as GM, and pressed for a new Yashin deal.

Well-intended but misguided? Clueless? Quiet genius? Who the hell knows. All we know is that Dave Checketts has told the nine parties that're in the running for the Blues that their official letters of intent need to be in by August 22nd. We don't even really know who is in the running or who is going to have to get those letters in.

Pretend that your dream owner is in there. What characteristics do they have? Are they better than others' dream owners? Why? Go full ownership-Pokemon in the comments.