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Saturday Links: Everything Else is Irrelevant

The soul patch makes the 'stache.
The soul patch makes the 'stache.

Blues News:

  • Hockey Players with Pets is one of the greatest websites created. It had a Captain Backes week. It features many Blues players including Barrett Jackman with his puppy Steena and Alex Steen with his puppy Barretta. These posts set precedence to naming offspring after amazing people. Therefore, Sean Sean is not only a wonderful name, it's the future. [Hockey Players with Pets]
  • Blues announce Traverse City Roster. [Blues]

Hockey News:

  • Bourne discusses 3 vs 3 OT play. As I always say, whatever gets rid of the shootout. [Puck Daddy]
  • Chris Drury retired after being bought out by the Rangers[Blue Shirt Banter]
  • Another 2006 1st round draft pick underachiever. Last summer I sent him a golf cart. [Japer's Rink]
  • I can't read the word "vertigo" without thinking of Lucille 2. Now Jonas Hiller will always be linked with Liza Minnelli. Poor Liza. [THN]
  • Lost in the shuffle of the last couple of days, but Sean Avery won't be charged with assault. [Puck Daddy]
  • A great big list of new things being tested at the R&D camp. Scored on a Pass/Fail basis. [Puck Daddy]
  • A list of the better #NHLBand ideas. There aren't any names making fun of Wellwood's rotundness. That must be fixed. [Canoe]

Other Stuff:


Why not watch Roenick play a little NHL 94.

I had a three-legged hedgehog back in the day, and he was the most frightening animal I had ever seen. But, perhaps a Game Timer needs a hedgehog bath tutorial. 

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