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Monday Links: Ugly Jerseys Edition

Still the best picture from last season.
Still the best picture from last season.

Blues News

NHL/Hockey News

  • The rumored Islanders black third jersey isn't a rumor anymore. Ugly, ugly, ugly. [Puck Daddy]
  • So with that in mind, let's look at more bad uniforms. The title of this article is all wrong, so for the sake of making sense, I'll change it by taking out the word "Throwback:" "The 25 Worst Jerseys in History." [Bleacher Report]
  • Can the Coyotes just get sold already? [Puck Daddy]
  • Could Buffalo's spending spree put them in the Finals this year? [NESN]
  • Repeat the last sentence, but with Philadelphia. Also, add the word "trades." [NHL]
  • The big moves from the off-season should bring an instant jolt to their respective teams. [NHL]
  • With the R&D camp over, there's still one thing left to be tested, according to the Toronto Sun: bigger ice. [Toronto Sun]
  • Ethan Moreau has a one-year deal with the Kings. [NHL]
  • NHL '12 will be shipping next month without Winnipeg's uniforms. [Fudzilla]

Other Stuff

Monday Video

Mark your calendars: September 20th is Sexgiving.

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