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Tuesdays With Hildy: Preseason Pundit Predictions

The hopeful part of me predicts that this happens more.
The hopeful part of me predicts that this happens more.

It happens every single year. The know it alls and the know nothings come out of the woodwork to predict where the divisions and conferences will fall at the end of the year. No one has a crystal ball. No one knows what injuries'll happen to a squad. Heck, The Hockey News picked the Blues to finish 6th in the Western Conference last year, and it looked do-able until the team quite literally fell apart. Most folks predicted the Blues to finish in the top 8 - I predicted at least third in the Division. That worked out well.

The Hockey News looks like they're liking the Blues again this year, with the bottom 9 out and no sign of the Note. The other bigger sites haven't really started their predictions yet, unless you count some buried in Bleacher Report's endless stream of lists. They love to predict things over there, usually in slide show form. Generally speaking, the better pundits come from The Sporting News, THN, the CBC, TSN, and Puck Daddy. I trust that their previews'll be out shortly.

My question to you is: how much stock do you place in these previews? Do you get upset when they predict the Blues won't do well? Do you laugh them off as good fun regardless of where the team is? Or, do you at the very minimum smile to yourself when some hot-shot picks the Blues to finish in a playoff position?

I'm going to guess a few of you cracked a little grin when you looked at THN's top nine and didn't see the team name in there.