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Thursday Links: Brad Lee for "Guilty Pleasures" Edition

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Chris Stewart is offended that you would refer to him, simply, as a "piece."
Chris Stewart is offended that you would refer to him, simply, as a "piece."

I know you read this blog, Wysh. Y U NO ask Brad Lee to do a guilty pleasures feature? It needs to happen, so we can all see that his guilty pleasure is hating the Blues. The world must know.

Blues News

  • It's now the Blues' turn in's 30-for-30 season preview. I remember reading this exact same headline last year... and the year before that. The Blues sure do love their pieces, I guess. Check out the video with resident NHL goober Dan Rosen. [NHL]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Oh, oh, I'll play! You know you're a Sharks fan when... you show up late in your hybrid car and... leave early? [NHL Facebook]
  • Questions for each team in the West. For the Blues, will Arnott and Langenbrunner boost them into the post-season once again? [NHL]
  • A-maze-ing (hurrdurr) Tim Thomas artwork. I suddenly have this urge to go visit my friends in Nebraska. [Puck Daddy]
  • Your daily Sidney Crosby concussion article. [Puck Daddy]
  • There's usually a quick turnaround in determining the cause of death of an athlete or celebrity, but the Rypien family thinks that now is not the time. [NY Times]
  • Which Ranger is going to have a bounce-back season? [Blueshirt Banter]
  • BoC tries to give nicknames to San Jose's new defensive pairings. I'm all about "Beast Wars." [Battle of California]
  • Renovations are underway at the arenas in Buffalo and their affiliate in Rochester to improve the fan experience. [Die by the Blade]
  • Our new friends at Arctic Ice Hockey are optimistic for the Jets, despite them being, well... the Thrashers. Don't pawnch me, Hildy. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

Other Stuff

Thursday Video

Go fuck yourself.

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