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Friday Links: Don't Stop Believing (in Perron) Edition

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Links HQ all has the Internet Blues, which isn't as bad as the Motherboard Blues that I had last Thursday, so you get me again. Take a shower, greasy.

Also, don't stop believing. Never stop believing. Unless, you're believing that the Blues will come up with a good marketing slogan. You can stop then.

Blues News

NHL/Hockey News

  • Your daily Crosby concussion article. In this one, a blogger debates another blogger on whether Crosby should retire at the young age of 24. Shit is wacky, son. [NESN]
  • No confirmation officially from the NHL regarding the Winter Classic, but the Flyers' silent auction reaffirms the time, place and opponent. [Puck Daddy]
  • Remember the improvements to the HSBC arena that I mentioned yesterday? Well, I left out an important piece of info. HSBC is out. In? First Niagara Bank. Yes... the F.N. Center. [Buffalo News]
  • All of these players are 21 or under and make a bazillion times more money than you do. Reeeeaaallly puts your life into perspective... every time. [NHL]
  • Why you heff to bring Cup to Feely? [USA Today]
  • Hey, I'm going to link a BR article, so set keyboards to "bitch!" Here is one dude's thoughts on the top 25 divas in the NHL today. Do you think somebody was left out? [Bleacher Report]
  • The NHL referees have a training camp, too, ya know. They've gotta get ready for an entire season of ridicule and thanklessness. [Enterprise Bulletin]
  • George Parros is one kickboxing, mustachioed and charitable man. [Boston Herald]

Other Stuff

  • Jim Carrey "confessed" his love for Emma Stone yesterday and somebody went and made an Ace Ventura "Mr. Pig" parody of it. [Tosh.0]
  • AWESOME HOCKEY MANCAVE. [Awesome Mancave]
  • Yearbook photos of famous comedians. The last photo will shock you. [EgoTV]

Friday Video

All this guy wants is his noodles. Why you gotta take 'em?

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