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Saturday Links: Tape on the Blades Edition

There are 42 days left.
There are 42 days left.

What's next Blues marketing? Free Little Caesar's after 4 goals? It's like they don't know us at all! It's all a big joke.

Blues News:


  • Rivermen upload "History Will Be Made" montage. [YouTube]
  • Blues will address captaincy, not appoint, at the start of training camp. [PD]
  • Oh yeah, [late edit] Blues single game tickets on sale today! Need help picking a game to attend? April 6, 2012 vs Coyotes. [Blues]


Hockey News:

  • Need a little motivation in the gym? A few fresh ideas? Just add some of the elements in Kris Letang's workout. [Pensburgh]
  • And on the other side of the fitness scale: if Kyle Wellwood wants to stay in San Jose, why was there an earthquake on the East Coast? [FTF]
  • Jersey Fouls should have it's own theme song. Ka-Pow! [Puck Daddy]
  • Oh, Bryz, your voice is several octaves higher than people remember. But, welcome to Dry Island! Related: Why do so many goalies smoke?  [Crossing Broad]
  • Pranking others is a part of life, right? [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • Leisure Diving. Suspiciously devoid of pirates . . .  [Leisure Dive]
  • Don't stop reading. The best obnoxious responses to misspellings on Facebook. Thanks Ann for the web time waster of awesomeness. [Happy Place]


I've had a big interest in hurricane's after visiting New Orleans and the Newseum's Katrina exhibit in D.C. I'm gonna join Hurricane Mania. 


Couldn't let you go without bringing to you the king of the 12-string guitar.

All of you East Coasters: When shit hits the fan, keep your head. 

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