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Sunday Links: Everyone Loves the Blues Now Edition

Jarowater. Halak-Net Monster. 41.
Jarowater. Halak-Net Monster. 41.

Blues News:

  • Patrik Berglund Mr. 007. [Pro Hockey Talk]
  • Does a new role for Jamie Langenbrunner mean a resurgence of his awesomeness? [PHT]

Hockey News:

  • Julie "The Cat" Gaffney would have stopped that puck. [Puck Daddy]
  • The extra point - want it or kick it to the curb. [Puck Daddy]
  • Hmm. No Wings on NHL.coms all-time fantasy hockey team as starters. [Detroit Free Press]
  • Best Shanahan quote:"I broke a lot of rules when I played ..." That's great. [Washington Post]
  • Cathedral City, CA has a new NHL sized hockey rink and poses the question to its citizen's "have you ever ice skated?" Shouldn't that be asked before building a ring? [My Desert]
  • Something about the Canucks and Cody Hodgson. [The Province]

Other Stuff:

  • Money, Money, Money, Money, MONEY! [Cracked]
  • Has anyone every tried to drive around a town with a fridge in the trunk of their mid-size car? Yes. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Never thought I'd have the chance to decide between hot dog flavored chips and beef jerky chips. [The Daily What]


via Real Bad Robot. She doesn't know I'm using this Zelda/Back to the Future crossover video yet.


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