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Wednesday Links: Tank Runs Over Weber Edition

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A3d60076-b624-498d-81d4-3e64a7f574b5_mediumBig Buff gets the call the Hall of Derp today. Also, sad news about Perron to link you guys.

Blues News

  • Perron will be out with the Thornton Flu for to start the season. [P-D]
  • Will Jaro come into his own for the Blues or will Army's first blockbuster trade end up being a dud? [Yahoo! Sports]
  • Learn about the Russian Tank, Vladimir Tarasenko. [Russian Prospects]

NHL/Hockey News

  • More Predators/Shea Weber crap. The offseason still sucks. [USA Today]
  • Nikolay Zherdev is going back to the KHL with his tail between his legs. [SB Nation]
  • Brent Sopel blows, so he's also going to the KHL. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Ryan Kesler underwent hip surgery and will miss the Canucks' opener, but having him come back healthy is more important. Can he still Keslurk while on the IR? [Globe and Mail]
  • Hey, Kansas City, you're not getting the New York Islanders. [Pitch]
  • Patrick Sharp has been extended for 5 years. This move keeps Chicago's core in tact and the rest of the team in a constant state of dismantling. [CBC]
  • Who's left on the free agent market? [NHL]

Other Stuff

  • This goes out to our newest Blackhawk troll, "AnActiveStick." Sorry you couldn't get the joke yesterday, so have a flowchart. How appropriate for you to show up during "derp week." [The Daily What]
  • A good "derp week" photo. [Random Pics] That link suddenly went dead. Have a cute puppy instead. [Awwwww...]
  • Classic quotes, as read by a guy with a top hat and monocle. [Slacktory]

Wednesday Video

Uh... Jaime Garcia jacked a three-run homer yesterday. That was pretty cool, bro. Let's watch it again:

July is over, so we should send it off right:

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