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Tuesday Links: Steenrolling in Drag Edition

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Blues News

  • GTer Gene_STL hits us with a pretty funny FanPost about Alex Steen's trip to a drag show, all benefiting the "Spring for Strays" organization. [SLGT]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Jets? Playoffs? Say it isn't so! [NHL]
  • Don Cherry is all about them there Jets. [CANOE]
  • Daymond Langkow is ready to continue the resurrection of his career as he returns to Phoenix at the expense of a former Blues SUPERSTAR SNIPER EXTRAORDINAIRE. No, not Adam Creighton. Lee Stempniak, dummy. [Globe and Mail]
  • NHL Lockouts? Fuck 'em. When that CBA's up, Dan Paille thinks that there will be no hesitation in hammering something out. [Toronto Sun]
  • A closer look at the NHL's recent R&D camp. [Canes Country]
  • Pegula: hero. Wilson: zero. [Buffalo Wins]

Other Stuff

  • Use a beer can to boost your Wi-Fi signal. [Techflesh]
  • Why did they name Trojan condoms "Trojan?" [Tosh.0]
  • 20 reasons why the U.S. is ranked #20 in education. [The Chive]

Tuesday Video(s)

We're going to learn about dongs and bushes today.

Your heart and mind have their respective prerogatives for a given situation, but what would penis do?

Disney always has to slip innuendo into their things.

I apologize.

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