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Retro GDT Night!!

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Pack Up the Babies, And Grab the Old Ladies, And Everyone Goes, 'Cause Everyone Knows ....

Due to the enthusiastic response to the Fanpost, we're having a Retro GDT right here at St Louis Game Time. This Saturday, September 3rd, we're going to get a jumpstart on the commentin' season. So, after barbecuing on the grill, or just grilling yourself at the pool, grab that last beer in the cooler and settle down for Blooozocky, creative cursing, and rampant puppies. Oh, the puppies.....

"But how do we do that - even the preseason hasn't started yet!"

Don't let a little thing like that get in the way. Behold, the power of the InterWebs! Here's the scheme: we all watch the same game and comment away as though it were live. We're Blues fans - we won't have to work real hard to suspend disbelief. All we need to do is nail down the specifics. I'd suggest a "typical" game time of 7:00ish, but we can do whatever the hell we want. Also, although there is obviously a strong favorite (sorry Sarah), I'll throw a poll out there for picking which game to watch.

Pick a game, clear out your schedules, clean up your shot glasses... we're gonna have a GDT!