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Tuesday Links: Cam Janssen and the Golden Octopus Edition

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Heeeyyyy, this puck isn't golden!
Heeeyyyy, this puck isn't golden!

Blues News

  • SB Nation St. Louis breaks down yesterday's "sleeper" article point by point. [SBN STL]
  • If you haven't seen CCR's fanpost regarding Cam Janssen's going away party, you should check it out. [SLGT]
  • Jaroslav Halak won a golden puck at his brother's wedding for being Slovakia's best goaltender. At least, I hope that's what the article says. [Google Translated Slovak News]
  • Danny Syvret signed a two-way contract with the Blues. Apparently, he deserves more respect, but I've never heard of him until now. [SB Nation Philly]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Remember when Sean Avery called Andy MacDonald an "arrogant little midget?" Lolz. [The Province]
  • Chris Pronger hopes to be recuperated for the opener. Doesn't this off-season injury thing happen to him, like... every year? [USA Today]
  • Brad Richards looks to be the next captain of the Rangers this season. [Crash the Crease]
  • The Blues are the "sleeper," but the San Jose Sharks are the favorite. [Puck Daddy]
  • A recap of all the shit-talkin' that has been goin' on the last few days. [Too Many Men on the Site]
  • The Predators made a depth signing Jack Hillen (who?) to a two-way contract. [Washington Post]
  • The BJs are re-tooled. Heh... BJs. Heh... "tool." [NHL]
  • The RDO camp is back, yo. It's time for the league to experiment with itself. [NHL]

Other Stuff

  • Hardcore Duck Crossing. [Tosh.0]
  • From the creators of "Steve Buschemeyes" comes "Hot Chicks With Michelle Bachmann Eyes." [Buzz Feed]
  • 5 Marketing Disasters. [Cracked]

Tuesday Video

CCR and I are in a science-y mood.

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