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Monday Links: Practice Safe Sax Edition

Hqdefault_mediumRemember, no sax before games.

Blues News

  • For the Blues, the time is now. [NHL]
  • The Baby Blues beat the Baby Canes 2-1 in Traverse City. [SLGT]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Ryan Callahan is the new captain of the Rangers. [NHL]
  • The Devils missed their September loan payment and now are on the verge of bankruptcy. [FOX Sports]
  • NHL 12's player creation system now has females in the mix. How did that come to be? A 14-year-old girl from Buffalo made it happen. [Puck Daddy]
  • Jonathon Toews hates children. [Puck Daddy]
  • The Bruins' Shawn Thornton doesn't think that there is a connection between the three NHL player deaths this season and that people shouldn't be blaming specific aspects of the game. [ESPN]
  • Osgood is all smiles in his new position as Detroit's assistant goalie coach. [NHL]
  • The new NHL season is almost here and we all can't wait. [Montreal Gazette]
  • It takes time to rebuild and the Lokomotiv agree. They will wisely sit out this season. [Montreal Gazette]
  • Alexander Galimov, a survivor of the plane crash, has died from his sustained injuries in the hospital. [BBC]

Other Stuff

  • You're such a pig fucker, Phillip. So much so that pigs are born with human heads. [Daily Star]
  • Chris Carpenter is extended two-years with the Cardinals. [P-D]
  • Ladies: when you're dating Mark Hamill in the late 70s, here are things you do and do not do. [Tumblr]

Monday Video

I am impressed. Very impressed.

Does anybody have a machine to fill out hockey ejection reports really fast? I've been filling them out all morning after a brawl last night and it's getting tiresome.

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