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Tuesday Links: Fire the Blues Marketing Team Edition

Bluesslogan_medium"Don't Stop Believing" is somehow worse than "The Last Piece of the Puzzle." I thought that was the worse it could get. Nope. Wrong.

Blues News

  • Here is your 2011 Blues Training Camp schedule. [Blues]
  • Get some sweet Blues swag by buying season tickets with the "Chosen Ones" sale. [Blues]
  • Patrik Berglund knows this ad campaign is bullshit. Look at that shittygrin on his face. Do they know that the Red Wings play this song at their home games on a regular basis? [Blues Video]
  • Our displeasure for the new marketing campaign made Puck Daddy. Aren't we cool. [Puck Daddy]

NHL/Hockey News

  • "Goon," a new hockey comedy from the writer of "Superbad," got a distribution deal. I really don't like the looks of it (mostly because it's not "Slap Shot"). [Puck Daddy]
  • B.F. Winchester is heading to Silicon Valley to tryout for the Sharks. [Fear the Fin]
  • Stave off your hockey jones by purchasing NHL '12 today. Is it improved over the stellar edition released last year? Screw gaming websites, we're going to a better website. [Down Goes Brown]
  • The KHL and the NHL have made agreements in the past regarding respecting each others' contracts, but the KHL wants to further its bond with the NHL after the loss of the Lokomotiv. [Albany Times Union]
  • Taylor Hall made the jump from the juniors to the pros, so should Ryan Nugent-Hopkins do the same? [The Hockey Writers]
  • First, USA Hockey removes checking from the pee-wee division and now Canada is implementing concussion testing for youths. [ESPN]
  • "Pffffft, we're not bankrupt!" -The Devils. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Fighting to crack an NHL line-up: is it okay? [National Post]

Other Stuff

  • WVU students are no longer allowed to wear "West Fuckin' Virginia" t-shirts to football games. [Deadspin]
  • Bears in space, bitch. [Photobucket]
  • My favorite new meme: the Middle Class Milf. [Meme Generator]

Tuesday Video

Via Puck Daddy & College Humor comes Wayne Gretzky's trick shots!

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