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Thursday Links: Drunk Off Contracts in Traverse City Edition

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I always like having enough news/good links to make a mash-up title.

Blues News

  • Ownership shit you read yesterday, but written by a different person. Exciting! [Sporting News]
  • The Baby Blues took 3rd place in the Traverse City tournament, defeating the Li'l BJs 2-1. [Fire the Cannon]

NHL/Hockey News

  • Part plug, part good shit, homie. Our friend Destroyer has a blog called "Bleedin' Blue" and over there, they're talking about how the NHL can really benefit from the NBA lockout. Fuck basketball. [Bleedin' Blue]
  • Your weekly article on whether or not the player deaths this summer were related or not. [Charlotte Observer]
  • The Junior Sabres took out the Young Rangers in Traverse City 5-2 to win it all. It was Buffalo's first appearance tournament. Sons of bitches. [NHL]
  • Speaking of the Sabres, they are doing something amazing. If you wear some Sabres "slug" gear, you will get a 41% discount on a comparable item with the current logo, in an effort to completely salt the bastard from the F'N Center. If only the Blues can do the same with clown jerseys. [Sabres]
  • Brad Marchand gets a two-year deal. He goes from six figures to seven after his clutch playoff performance during Boston's successful cup run. [Boston Herald]
  • Islanders stud John Tavares is re-upped with a six-year deal. Also, the Blue Jackets are losing some serious money playing in Nationwide Arena and have threatened to relocate if the public fails to purchase the arena with... casino money? [Toronto Sun]
  • Even with San Jose's latest off-season attempt to not choke during the playoffs, many questions are left unanswered. [SJ Mercury]
  • Oilers GM Steve Tambellini has a lot of youngsters and expects them to kill each other to crack the NHL roster. "Kill" might be an exaggeration, but it's more fun to imagine. Edmonton blows. [Vancouver Sun]
  • Max Pacioretty isn't in a coma. He's a hockey player! [Ottawa Citizen]
  • The mind of a goaltender. The lolz time. She comes. [Battle of Cali]

Other Stuff

  • "Nicolas Cage was terrorized by a naked man holding a Fudgesicle." Speaks for itself, really. [AV Club]
  • There are nude pics of Scarlett Johansson floating around. I'm not going to directly link them, but I'm just letting you know that they are there. To counteract the skeaze-factor here, I'm going to link a classy publication. [Wall Street Journal]
  • In college, I was legit for a while. Then, I decided I didn't care about my gen eds. That's where BS-ing comes in very handy. Here's a guide so you can get an "A" like me and manage to not learn a damn thing. [College Humor]

Thursday Video

The Thug Friends are a hilarious group of cuhbizzles from St. Louis who like carrot cake. Now, titty milk.

Thug Friends "Drunk Off Titty Milk" from Absolutism on Vimeo.

Make sure you've got a ride home.

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