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Sunday Links: Keystone Light Edition

Sorry, I'm going through a snarker's block this morning. Also, a lot of stuff coming out of Pennsylvania this weekend.

Blues News:

  • Fundamentals are fundamental. [Post Dispatch]
  • Today's practice schedule. Actually it's more than that. It's "Training Camp HQ" with interviews, tweets, schedules and the two teams.  [Blues]
  • Cheechoo, oh yeah, Cheechoo. Oh Yeah. [Post Dispatch]
  • Yesterday's practice was baller. [Post Dispatch]

Hockey News:

  • No one ever talks about Evgeni Malkin. It's his time to shine! [Post Gazette]
  • I like to laugh, and I like goalie saves. This headline does that. "Top 10 Roberto Luongo Saves During The 2010-11 Season" [Nucks Misconduct]
  • NO! Hockey's favorite man crush, Iggy, is having back spasms. [CBC]
  • Thousands show up to Winnipeg's first practice! That's because it's warmer in the rink than outside. [THN]
  • HIP CHECK! [Puck Daddy]
  • Can't show a hip check without reshowing this hip check on JAGR. [.GIF]
  • Speaking of Jagr. Presser time. [Puck Daddy]
  • Maxime Talbot, I forgive you. You just needed to shine on 24/7 for another year. [Puck Daddy]

Other Stuff:

  • Lunch bag art. It's awesome. [Lunch Bag Art]
  • Introducing MANLAND. An Ikea in Australia is testing out a man holding pen while women shop. [Curbed]
  • Baby Godfather. Adorable in his threatening nature. [Buzzfeed]


Why have I never appreciated this movie before? Lots of cursing. Probably not safe for the Lord's day.

Something a little more innocent but just as funny dedicated to the greatest player in the history of ever. If I could make this into a ringtone, it would be mine.

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